Monday, July 23, 2012

Money... It's just a number.. Join the 120 for Maida Challenge!

Years ago, when I was a single mom raising five children and I needed a specific amount of money to cover a specific thing... like rent, I would look at the total needed as only a number.
It wasn't something that could beat me, or own me, or defeat me. It was just a non living thing that had no limitations to being aquired or not acquired. So when I needed it, I just went after it. I didn't fear it.
International adoption scares many good families who would like to adopt, away, because they think it is impossible. It's not. Don't let a number scare you away from being a family to someone who needs one.
God always always accomplishes the impossible when it is according to His will.

Now here I am with the impossible glaring at me, wanting to take form of a living breathing monster who wants to eat me and make a fool of me. That is called a delusion. This monster is nothing but a mountain... and mountains are meant for hiking. So here I am with my boots on... and asking for others to take this hike with me.

We are in the last "trimester" of this adoption. We are the official parents and family of Maida, and the paperwork to start the process of bringing her home where she can be loved, nurtured and nourished has begun. She needs a mother, and father, and family. Not an orpahange that is impoverished both physically and spiritually. She needs me to go to bat for her. She needs all of us to fight for her in getting her home.

We have $15,000.00 we need to raise by mid September. We will be putting on two music fundraisers, and another garage sale. In addition to that we have a goal of selling 120 BOXES of chocolates. If, WHEN we do that, (selling 120 boxes of chocolates), we will be two thirds of the way there, and are believing that the last garage sale and music fundraisers will complete the adoption in being fully funded. We are calling it the 120 for Maida Challenge.

The orphan is all of our responsibility. How we each act on that responsibility looks different. But we are all called to care for her and the others. I'm asking you to help us help her. Be a part in bringing our daughter home.

This is what I need specifically:

To Sell 120 boxes of chocolate !!

Each box cost $96. If you bought a box, you can turn around and sell them for $2 each ( there is 48 in a box) and not of lost a dime! So it's possible to help us with our adoption and recover the $96 you put in.

I need buyers! 
Free shipping!
 I'm not asking you to eat 48 candy bars! If you want you can just give them away to friends and family! Donate them to a VBS, or school or sports event.
They are delicious, I've eaten many over the years as my girls have used selling them as a means to pay for tuition/boarding at the the National Cello Institute:)
The boxes consists of a variety of flavors. You can see some of those in the picture.

All you have to do is send me an email at and tell me you want to be a part of the 120 for Maida Challenge. Tell me how many boxes your buying and give me your name and the address you want them mailed to. Then click on my paypal button here on the blog and make a payment for how ever many boxes you want. ($96per box). I will have them shipped right out to you.

Maida is a real child in real need.

Bring Maida home... Join the 120 for Maida Challenge!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Positive Progress!

We have recieved our USCIS approval!
Well almost anyway :)

I made a phone call to the appropriate office and was told to check back in another day or two... oh the agony I felt in that moment! One or two more days... really??
I was let down, but encouraged I could see the end in sight.

Then God stepped in. Ha!

 Just a few hours later THEY called me and said... we just approved your application, you'll recieve it in the mail within the next few days. WHOOO HOO! Thank you Lord for your kindness! My family thanks you too because they are S.I.C.K. of me being glued to the mail box (they get hungary sometimes), and lamenting (out loud) of when the darn thing was gonna show up.

So... with no time wasting, I've already contacted my agency to ask "whats next"? ;)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Needed To Be Reminded...

It's not about me.

 The waves of longing have been washing over me for the past couple of weeks and dragging me further and further out into an emotional sea. The only way I wanted to get back to shore was on my terms. Terms of Assurance. Assurance that I would have what I wanted.
Tired of treading water, I looked and saw that worn out life preserver called Love within my reach; I grabbed hold and He pulled me in. Again.

 It only took one look into those gentle eyes to be reminded... It's not about me. And then I was free. Free to take one day at a time. Free to take what each day brings in this difficult process.
My life nor Maida's is for me. Not for my consumption or fulfillment. But for His.
As I rested my weary head against His heart I knew Maida belongs to Him. Her life is His.

Lord I trust you. With her life. With mine. With my family's. You are the giver of good gifts. I wait on you and you alone...


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting to Breathe...

I'm sure everyone is wondering "where are you in the process and how's it going"?

We are in the waiting to breathe stage. What stage is that? Waiting for still for our USCIS approval letter (I71h),and paperwork in Congo that names us as the blessed parents of a beautiful little girl living in the DRC.

I can't tell you how hard it is to wait and wonder how each step is progressing and hoping everyday something comes in the mail or email to let us know we're one day closer to being with our daughter. I hit the refresh button on my inbox constantly throughout the day and continue to check till elven every night.
Friday's are downer days for families waiting to get updates on progress. If you get to Friday with no news the weekends drag by. I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head until Monday, but that isn't very practical or possible.

We can only do one thing and that is to wait and trust. Not trusting in agencies or goverments but trusting in the God who knows us best and loves us most.
He is keeping her for me. She is His. I am just waiting to see if He is going to hand deliver her to me to keep for Him:)
While we are waiting we are praying feverently for her and for others who are in the process and waiting anxiously for visas to get approved so they can travel to bring their child home. Please continue to pray for us, our finances and also for the other families even if you don't know them by name.
While waiting we have been busy, but in every minute of busyness our hearts and minds are on a sweet little girl across the sea.