Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getting Comfortable with Being Me and My Beliefs

You're probably wondering what the title of this blog post has to do with adoption. Stick with me for a few minutes and I'll try to explain.

Even though Im forty six and  come off as " got it all together", strong, and confident,  fact is... I'm not. I second guess myself often because I want to do what's right, say what's right and I'm very aware I don't know always know what that is by simply looking back over my forty plus years and seeing the evidence of my ignorance.

So I hedge and I run more than I stand and fight to live and teach what I believe out of fear of being ostracized and out of fear of being wrong. Now here is where I'm going to tie in this odd post with adoption: I have strong feelings about adoption. And I have found that adoption is not embraced by lots of people who can be pretty cutthroat and certain they are right and I am wrong for brining someone else's child into my home. Their reasons are vast, and since I have done two adoptions back to back I have seen and witnessed those who object and even those who say they are for adoption but actions say otherwise.

It sent me into a tailwind of emotions and thoughts. And as I've gone inward and outward sorting this all out for myself I've come to the conclusion that I live and speak MY convictions and beliefs and should exercise the freedom to do so without concern over offending someone because there are those who offend me and those whose lives  and beliefs are different than my own and no one is going to adapt their belief and life system for me so why not live my life out according to my own convictions and beliefs without the need to apologize or be ashamed for thinking and living different than they.

Ah, this post is doing me more good than you probably right? That's ok... I'm good with that;)

So here's the bottom line... I have lots to say, about lots of things. I have felt like I've been on the spin cycle in the wash machine since international adoption has been a decision we as a family made over a year ago, and praise God, He pushed the stop button and told me to get over myself and my inhibitions and give the message He's given me to give. And if I'm wrong He will be sure to point it out and I will be quick to say... I was wrong. And I will apologize and admit my mistakes to anyone who may still be lurking listeners;) 

So here's something's you should know about me straight up:

I'm a Christian. The kind that believes that Jesus was sent to pardon me from my sin so that I can have peace with God and be able to enjoy Him and His presence forever. 

I'm the kind of Christian who believes that the Bible is the inspired, infallible, written Word of God and is the blueprint for every believer to know how to live as our creator intended for us to live in order that He receives all the glory and receives a faithful testament to Himself through our obedience.

I believe adoption is and was purposed as a means to be a defender of the fatherless.  " Defend the poor and fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and destitute. Psalms 82:3".

This is the definition of defend:

To drive danger or attack away. To maintain or support in the face of argument or hostile criticism. 
Synonyms: protect, shield, guard, safeguard.

I believe that Jesus wants the little children to be able to come unto Him, " But Jesus said, " Let the little children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.
I believe parents are the best option for children to be ushered to the knees of Jesus.

I believe adoption is a God created plan as a substitute/bridge for those who without it would be left to die without a family and the blessings meant to be provided through it. 

I believe everyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ is commanded to either care for or help others care for the widows and orphans.

I believe Satan hates families, and works overtime in the preventing of families being created and destroyed because families are Gods plan to bear witness of Himself and His purpose of mankind. 

How's this for a start in what I believe? 

So be forewarned: 
this blog is going to be used to shout from the rooftops what I believe about adoption, and family in general, and I will make no apologies for my beliefs and I will ask none from you for yours.

Now lets hug and get on with our Saturday,


You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry,
defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror.

Psalms 82: 17-18

Friday, May 3, 2013

News and Upcoming Events...

I want to announce we are officially and legally Sevi's family! We have passed court and are just days away from being able to file with USCIS for her to immigrate to the United States. We are in the last leg of this journey. It's the place where you're ready to just quit all the fundraising, all the paperwork and just go get your child and be Family.
 But unfortunately we still have work to do. Both in fundraising and in filing and W.A.I.T.I.N.G.
Those of you who are currently in the middle of a DRC adoption know there has been delay after delay. We thought her process would go so much quicker than Maida's but due to changes that are being implemented we do not know now. But what we do know is she is coming home and we are preparing for her!
Let me get back to other news before I jump in and tell you about our next fundraising event.
A little over a week ago a friend of mine who works in-country was able to go and visit Sevi for us! This is a picture of he and Sev:

He had nothing but good things to say about her which pleased this mama's heart a great deal. It's one thing to think your child unique and special, that's pretty normal, but for someone else to see the amazing qualities she possesses just made my heart go pitter patter; and more than once I've asked God why we are so fortunate to be able to call her daughter.
We have several fundraiser events in the works but the first big one will be on June 7 & 8th. It is a:
If you happen to live close to us and have some things that are gently used that you would like to donate just contact us and we will come and pick them up from you!
We are still selling Candy Bars! You can order a box for $100. (Turn around and resale them and you've lost nothing!), Half a box, or even one or two at a time! We sell individual bars for $2 each. Also we have gotten back to making our African Paper Bead necklaces and bracelets. They are so pretty and they look fantastic when you wear more than one. We have lowered the prices to $15 for necklaces and $10 for bracelets. They are very labor intensive as we make each paper bead ourselves, so they are truly a hand crafted, unique item. Just email us at to order!
Bella and Tia are modeling the jewelry:


Please pray that our fundraisers will be successful and Sevi's paperwork will be pushed through in a timely manner so she can join her family! It's been almost six months since we were together and I am missing her a great deal and my friend who visited her said it is very difficult for her to believe we are coming back for her as that hope is just too big for her. I can't wait for her to see us walk through those gates at her orphanage again so she knows we meant it when we said we would be back and taking her home.