Monday, June 11, 2012

What I'm Doing Today While Waiting...

We are in that place of the adoption journey where we have no control over anything other than what we do while waiting on God. It is a hard place for me. I like to feel some control and power in circumstances. Somehow I think there will be a more favorable outcome if I'm involved some how. I like to see it as healthy contributing lol.

All the paper work is done that needs to be done to get two countries to determine whether we may bring Maida home or not. It's such a scary and vulnerable feeling right now. My heart aches to be in Congo and to begin to mother my new daughter. To protect her, nourish her and love her. But I must wait on God to move. I must wait and trust and have confidence in Him. I must encourage myself in the Lord as David did in 1Samuel 30:6.

On our way home from church yesterday we talked about all that needs to be done before going to get Maida, and the many things that need to be done for us here at home. Theres so much to do. I'm happy for that. It will help to fill the days.
We did get our biometrics appointment in the mail on Friday, so very happy about that! But it was for my husband and I only. Our three oldest daughters must be fingerprinted but we did not recieve their appointments yet. I am trusting, I really am, even when it may appear to everyone else that I'm fretting; truly I'm trusting God. He has more than proven to me and my family over the years that He loves us, He knows our name and our address and we can rest most assuredly in Him.

Today how I am going to wait on God is by encouraging myself in the Lord.
To remind myself of His love and goodness.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Victory in the Eleventh Hour!

We have,  God has raised our three thousand to match our donors three thousand!

God has provided abundantly for us this past week through donated items, and monetary contributions. Let me share a little bit in how God moved in the last hours;

The beginning part of last week was a trial for me. I had been waiting and hoping for new pictures of Maida, and feeling a little concerned over the financial mountain that was in front of  us.
 God's love and graciousness towards me and my family began to pour forth Thursday night beginning with a message from a family who had recently traveled to the DRC to pick up their daughter who was in the same orphange our daughter is in.
 In that email was a photo of Maida:)... The world was all right for me in that moment, and the heaviness was replaced with hope and optimism as I looked at her sweet little face.

Just a little later that evening we were blessed with an unexpected large financial contribution by a family who loves God, and loves our family. We were and are being so humbled by how God is showing His power and love for us and Maida through this adoption.

Friday we were busy in the morning with our yard sale, but by afternoon it had slowed way down. I was surprised and dissapointed over our sales for that day. My heart was so set in paying off the payment this week that needs to be paid, and I couldn't see how that would happen if our yard sale did not pick up. But God does things His way doesnt he?
Just a short while later one of my daughters who wasn't at home, sent me an excited text telling me to check paypal. There was another large contribution! HOPE! Saturday we were very busy and sold lots. Again, by afternoon it slowed way down. We were only $300 from matching our grant. I thought theres no way we're going to sell three hundred dollars worth of stuff at this time of day.
Even though we weren't all the way to where we needed to be, we were close, so I  thought we would have to sell some candy bars and necklaces the following week but hey we are close!

Within minutes of ME trying to figure out how to raise the rest of the money, our mailman drove up and dropped off our mail. We had a check from an anonymous donor for $250.00. I can't tell you how insignificant I felt and how big God seemed in that moment.
Right after that we got one last surge of yard sale shoppers. At the end of the day when we counted our money, we had $3,020! Over! We were so excited but so in awe at the same time.
And to finish off a blessed weekend, we were able to fellowship and eat in abundance with our church family who also gave towards the adoption. We will be able to send off the payment that is due this week and also move our fundraiser thermometer up! Be sure to see where we are at!
 I am so grateful. My family is so grateful <3