Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is For You Baby!

                                   Tomorrow is the big day!

Everyone has worked so hard these past few weeks practicing and preparing for this night.  You will be so blessed by so many young talented classical musicians. Come support them and our adoption!

Here are some photo's of some of our practice days:

Bella and her best friend Bethany will be singing "Truly Scrumptious"!
Bella correcting me when I messed up on the words lol:)
Mom and Grandma... can't wait to add Maida to this mix!
Grandma's heart melts with this precious gem.
My son Andrew, Rylie's Daddy:)
Aunt Bella with her niece Rylie
Tia and Eunice
There are so many more wonderful photo memories we have made and I will be sure to share on another day. My daughter-in-love Amy handles most of the photography and after the concert tomorrow night I will get them posted.
I would like to take the time to mention the group DELIVERUS. We have only recently met them and they volunteered to play at the fundraiser. They have such a wonderful testimony and we have loved getting to know them. Their website is: You can also find them on youtube.
Another special mention is a talented young vocalist Rebecca Lopez. We can't wait to hear her sing tomorrow. Her website is
Check them out to get a taste of what tomorrow's performances will be like. You won't be dissapointed!
To end the concert all 30 musicians will be singing the song by Josh Wilson: I REFUSE

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Monday... A Day of Hope

It's one minute before midnight on a Friday night. I am wide awake. Tomorrow our house will be full with 50 wonderful people. Many young adults, who are sacrificing their time and talents to practice for the benefit concert that is coming up in eight days. They are helping to bring Maida home.

There is so much I ought to be doing to clean and organize and prepare for them, but instead I sit here in the quiet of the night grieving.

Grieving for my daughter who has gotten another day older...
                                                                                             without me.

This week has been a whirlwind of activity gearing up for three big fundraisers. Two music concerts and a yard sale.
In the midst of the flurry of phone calls, emails, texts, trucks and trips; my heart stands still. I want Maida. I don't want all this busyness and planning. I just want my daughter. I just want to be a mom. To her, to my other girls.
 No matter how hard I may be working, sweating, laughing and talking, all I think about is getting to her.

Right now we are waiting on her passport to be issued. Once we have that, we are in the last leg of this trying, character building, heart wrenching process.

It's Friday. Five days have passed, ten days have passed, too many days have passed and the world keeps spinning and I have to keep going but still no passport.
I must get through Saturday and Sunday to get to Monday. Monday the Congo courts will be open (we hope).  Lawyers will be working.
 Monday can't get here soon enough. Monday may bring a passport. Every morning when I wake up I take note of what time it is in Congo. The day is more than half over there. Did her paperwork get picked up? Will I get an email today from my agency telling me I can file my last documents?

Monday... let's see what happens Monday.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Update and Photo Journal of Our Summer

Hello Everyone:)

I am so thrilled that you have taken an interest in our family and want to follow along and support us in bringing home our Congolese daughter. I can't wait for all of you who know us personally to meet her and get to know her right along with us.

I am so eager to love her, nourish her and nurture her, but especially get to know her! I have enjoyed every one of my children more than I could ever express. The uniqueness of each of their personalities has been and continues to be a wonder I never tire of. I can't wait to begin to know my newest daughter. To study her facial expressions, her posture, moods, likes and dislikes. I can't wait to see her smile and hear her laugh. And my daughters can't wait to determine what instrument she will play lol! I was voting for the harp but they are talking me out of that. And yes, Maida does have a voice in the matter:)

The time is almost at hand to begin the final steps of bringing her home. The visa process we hope will begin this week. Other things we are doing to prepare for our trip to bringing her home and traveling to Congo is: Yellow fever vaccinations for all of us who are traveling including Maida, a visit with the pediatrician at the international adoption clinic at Millers Children Hospital, (we will be meeting with him before we pick up Maida, then take Maida to see him once she's home); working on two music benefit concerts, one more garage sale at the end of the month, and of course selling candy bars! Lots and lots of candy bars! We have sooo much money still yet to raise. But I remind myself and girls all the time, we are not the movers and shakers. God is. We are just the vessels being offered up. HE does the moving and shaking, and He has and will continue to do so. He is so FAITHFUL!

This post is mostly a photo journal of some of the things we have been doing while waiting for Maida. A window into the past couple of months while we have been waiting...

                                                              Study Time



                                                              End of the Year Recitals

Proud Mama and Papa


Beach Day


                                                             Birthday Parties


                                                                  Eating healthy

                                                          Shopping on Zulily for my girls

                                                        Admiring my grandaughter;)

                                            Making African paper beads for fundraising

                                        Collecting donated items for Yard Sale Fundraiser

                                                                 Church Barbecue

                                           Bella Choosing a tooth brush for Maida

                                           Registration Day at NCI for Kadeeja (National Cello Institute)

                                                     Discussing class schedule with Mrs. G

                                    Our Pastry Chef (Dominique), trying out new recipes

         More of Dominiques master pieces. BTW... homemade peanut butter cups on top! Yum:)

                                  Grandma and Aunt Kim enjoying new photo's of Maida

                                      Photo's  for Maida's family book she recieved recently:

                                                   Other Random Things:

Zoo Day

                                        Bella hosting a "Circus" in her room for the family:)

                                             Kadeeja volunteering to be a part of the show

                                         Bella cheering my heart with her uplifting notes

                                                Family Fun on the Fourth of July

This is my Friend Amy. She is married to Andrew. No not my Andrew but a different Andrew.  Yes my Andrew is married to an Amy too lol. Just not this one. See photo's for the other Amy:)

   Beautiful, wonderful, grandaughter Rylie. Highlight of the fourth... or anytime she's here;)

                                                 All five Aunts dote on her of course!

                         She's chewing on a pineapple core. Her mommy is all about raw lol.

              Best friends Bella and Bethany trying out some martial arts moves... I think?

Gabby saying goodbye to her beloved Korean teacher who has now become like a grandfather to her.
She is now involved in a local Korean church and is on the worship team there! She hopes to one day move to northern China and be a missionary to the Korean defactors along the border. Her heart is for the orphans who are stateless children living in China.

                               Kadeeja's button art she made for Bella's and Maida's room.

As you can see with a big family there is always lots going on. We are trying to take one day at a time and focus on the joys and needs that each day brings; but we are all so anxious to have Maida home with us.
We are hoping to travel within six to eight weeks to pick her up. We have much to do until then. Two music benefit concerts, along with a yard sale at the end of the month. Stand by, and stand with us; as we prepare for the journey, that will change our lives...